Fatty Deposits

Fatty Deposits

Fatty Deposits and How to Get Rid Of Them?

Fatty deposits on the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks are one of the biggest aesthetic concerns that affect both women and men equally. Age, stress, and diet are some of the factors that contribute to the formation of fatty deposits, and many individuals find it challenging to reduce them to the extent they desire despite regular exercise.

How Do Fatty Deposits Form?

Fatty deposits mostly form in the areas of the abdomen, chest, thighs, and buttocks. The primary cause is, of course, diet, especially carbohydrates, and processed salty, and sweet food. Another significant factor is stress, which, in addition to increasing appetite, also releases adrenaline which stores fats in the absence of physical activity. The third major factor is age. As we age, we require fewer calories, and if we do not change our habits or burn calories, fatty deposits are more easily formed. In women, there are also hormonal changes during menopause when the body is particularly prone to fat accumulation in the waist area.

Why Are Fatty Deposits Dangerous?

The condition where individuals have pronounced fatty deposits is also called obesity. In addition to the visible fat deposits in obese individuals, fat can also accumulate around internal organs, increasing the risk of various diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, and the like.

How to Get Rid Of Fatty Deposits?

Exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle changes should be the foundation for combating fatty deposits. However, at times, the assistance of modern aesthetic medicine is welcome. Here at the Polyclinic Milojević, we offer several state-of-the-art treatments and methods:

Arrange an appointment

The best way for you to get reliable and useful information about our treatments is to arrange an appointment and come for a consultation. Our expert staff will show you around the Polyclinic and answer all your questions about the procedures and machines. During the conversation, the doctor will listen to your needs and expectations, and accordingly, advise you on appropriate treatments from our wide range. You can also plan the treatments, arrange the price of the service or a package of services, and get informed about the means of payment. Some of our treatments are very short and it is possible to perform them even during the consultation. We guarantee the highest standard of services, the best preparations, and machines that give the best results.

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