Baby Botox is big news among influencers - and the cosmetic surgery trend is set to hit an Insta-feed near you soon. In fact, you've probably already seen it, but you might not have realised on first glance.

Forget duck lips and frozen foreheads, there's a new 'au naturel' look in town termed 'Baby Botox' and the experts are - predictably - crediting Meghan Markle with sparking the trend for all things naturally beautiful. 'I saw a good few patients attend my practice in 2017 armed with an image of Kylie Jenner,' says Dr Nick Milojevic, owner and lead practitioner at leading Harley Street practice, Milo Clinic. 'But in all honesty, it is not a fantastic representation of what lip treatments can achieve. 2018 will definitely see a more natural lip that aligns with the other features of the face without dominating the face. We have Meghan Markle to thank for that, with her beautifully natural yet full lips'.

As more women than ever in their 20s and 30s queue up for baby Botox, what do we need to know?