111SKIN cosmetics from the aesthetic practice as a response to damaged skin

Dr. Yannis Alexandrines, aesthetic surgeon specializing in facial reconstruction and rejuvenation surgery, has tried for many years to find products on the market that can improve healing after the facelift surgery, eye treatments and similar. With the help of scientists, he invented a formula that today is a synonym for facial regeneration and youthful appearance.

Products that protect the skin of astronauts

"I started working with scientists on a product that can protect astronauts from skin damage. Scientists helped me create the first product called Dramatic Healing Serum. I gave it to all our patients after surgery to use it starting from the second postoperative day and for further six weeks. I have seen tremendous progress in healing speed, reduction of swelling and bruising, and improvement of scarring.", said Dr. Yannis on the creation of the cosmetic brand 111SKIN from his aesthetic medicine practice at London’s famous Harley Street, at number 111.

How does 111SKIN work?

Consequently, the NAC Y² ™ was born, a complex containing a trio of active substances with superior antioxidant abilities. One of them stimulates the production of glutathione, the most powerful intracellular antioxidant in the body. Top results include strengthening the epidermis, scar reduction and youthful appearance.

As a surgeon and a great supporter of non-invasive aesthetic medicine, Dr. Yannis saw an opportunity in developing skin care treatments that recreate and complement aesthetic treatments in the clinic. Dr. Yannis' goal is to improve the beauty and quality of the skin, focusing on understanding the inner and outer aging process.

After obtaining fantastic results, Yannis's wife Eva upgraded the brand by creating clean and efficient products and introducing environmentally friendly practices in the production process.

From the shelves at Harrods to a world brand

In June 2012, selected products of the Reparative line 111SKIN found their way to the shelf at the back of the beauty salon at London’s Harrods. Two employees were in charge of the sale of these products, but they were also collecting feedback from customers. Based on the needs of end-users, the products were first fine-tuned and then offered on the wider market the following year.

111SKIN is now positioned at leading luxury venues and on the international scene among fashion designers, makeup artists and supermodels. It was quickly embraced by a number of world stars. It can be found in some of the most prestigious retail locations, as well as in leading spas and hotels around the world.

111SKIN received the Butterfly Mark designation from Positive Luxury in 2018 and 2020.

"The future focus is to continue to provide great quality and results to our clients and customers, as well as to position ourselves as a leading global skincare brand inspired by surgery, driven by science and dedicated to producing clinical results," says Dr. Yannis.

What does 111SKIN offer?

From a range of 111SKIN products, you can select those that are most suitable to your needs or the effect you want to achieve: rejuvenation or firming creams, pigmentation or detoxification products, various peels and oils, anti-inflammatory or energy products.

What to choose? You will be assisted by the professional staff at Polyclinic Milojević

If you are not sure which product line, cream, oil or balm to use, and especially if you are unfamiliar with these products, we will gladly help you. Some products can be used by everyone, but some depend on the specific condition of your skin and needs. Do not hesitate to contact our experienced dermatologists and beauticians for advice.

Arrange an appointment

The best way for you to get reliable and useful information about our treatments is to arrange an appointment and come for a consultation. Our expert staff will show you around the Polyclinic and answer all your questions about the procedures and machines. During the conversation, the doctor will listen to your needs and expectations, and accordingly, advise you on appropriate treatments from our wide range. You can also plan the treatments, arrange the price of the service or a package of services, and get informed about the means of payment. Some of our treatments are very short and it is possible to perform them even during the consultation. We guarantee the highest standard of services, the best preparations, and machines that give the best results.

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