Dermatological examination

Dermatological examination

Skin is the human’s body largest organ, and many diseases can be manifested on it. Dermatology is the branch of medicine dealing not only with the skin but also with its adnexa, such as hairs, nails, and different glands.

A dermatological examination at the Milojević Polyclinic includes a clinical examination of the skin and a digital dermatoscopy of the scalp in case of scalp disease. A digital trichoscopy of the scalp is also performed when examining nevi.

The most common skin diseases are:

  1. Acne vulgaris u in the young and mature age
  2. Hair loss and different hair diseases
  3. Rosacea or facial redness
  4. Seborrheic dermatitis
  5. Nevi inspection and preventive examination with the goal of early detection of melanoma or skin cancer
  6. Psoriasis Vulgaris
  7. Lichen ruber planus
  8. Skin allergies (contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis)
  9. Connective tissue diseases
  10. Nail diseases
  11. Venous disease and chronic wounds
  12. Viral warts and different benign skin growths

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The best way for you to get reliable and useful information about our treatments is to arrange an appointment and come for a consultation. Our expert staff will show you around the Polyclinic and answer all your questions about the procedures and machines. During the conversation, the doctor will listen to your needs and expectations, and accordingly, advise you on appropriate treatments from our wide range. You can also plan the treatments, arrange the price of the service or a package of services, and get informed about the means of payment. Some of our treatments are very short and it is possible to perform them even during the consultation. We guarantee the highest standard of services, the best preparations, and machines that give the best results.

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