Nuchido TIME+ capsule

Nuchido TIME+ capsule

Nuchido is a group of scientists, doctors, futurists, and visionaries who believe that the greatest gifts of science to mankind are health and long life. They believe that this new luxury brings great opportunities and a responsibility to live our best lives. Their mission is to use and turn science into products for maximum health and an optimal life experience.

Although it might be attractive to many people, living longer will bring with it many new challenges including mental and physical deterioration, illness, and eventual dependence on family, friends, and society.

Nuchido's goal is not to prolong one's life, but rather their commitment is dedicated to extending one's health span.

Healthspan is a period of our life that we spend in good health, with energy, vitality, strength, and mental acuity. Instead of spending 45 of our 90 years in good health, Nuchido's vision for humanity is one in which we are able to maintain the ability to fulfill our life's purpose and continue to live life to the fullest even far into the final decade of our life.

In short, Nuchido TIME+ not only supplies cells with raw materials for the production of NAD+, but also improves the cell's youthful ability to produce and recycle NAD+.

NAD+ stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, a key molecule located in the entire body's cells that produces cellular energy and converts nutrients into cellular energy. With aging, our NAD+ decreases by 50% every 20 years, resulting in a decrease in cellular energy and cell health. Likewise, cells lose their ability to renew energy and repair as they age. Stressors such as intense physical exercise, sleep abnormalities, and alcohol can also contribute to the depletion of NAD+. Scientific studies have shown that replenishing NAD+ levels is critical to maintaining cellular defenses in the face of daily stressors, in order to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. It improves one's cellular health and treats aging.

Nuchido TIME+ uses the most advanced scientific approach to increase NAD+ levels in our bodies, in order to support cell function and maintain your health and physical performance. The protected formula is based on the latest anti-aging research and a deep understanding of the complex biological processes involved in increasing NAD+. It is a supplement, which is a combination of vitamins, botanical and supporting ingredients.

When it comes to maintaining an active lifestyle in your 40s and beyond, supporting the body's energy, endurance, and cellular health mechanisms becomes very important. NAD+ supplement can help you with this. This is because NAD+ is responsible for many biological processes which are essential for maintaining an active lifestyle and maintaining a youthful appearance.

The effects of Nuchido TIME+ capsules also have a beneficial effect on the skin, they recycle damaged skin cells, improve the pathways of collagen and elastin formation and protect against DNA damage.

NAD+ has multiple effects on cell health and performance and it has two primary functions:

  1. It is the main energy metabolizer: we depend on NAD+ to convert nutrients from our food into cellular energy.
  2. Cell health: NAD+ is responsible for activating important processes for cell health and maintenance

Unfortunately, the level of NAD+ produced in the body declines as we age, halving every twenty years. This means that by the time we reach our 40s, we can feel the effects of reduced cellular function. When NAD+ levels start to drop, our cells cannot function as they did before.

Purchasing an NAD+ supplement that improves the cell's ability to generate and recycle NAD+ can help you maintain a proactive approach to maintaining good health and fitness as you age. NAD+ cannot be obtained from a proper diet. It must be produced within our cells, and Nuchido TIME+ capsules restore it to the desired level. They are suitable for all age groups.

Nuchido TIME+ capsules are now available at Milojević Polyclinic.

The products can also be ordered on the official Nuchido website, and you can get a 10% discount on your purchase by using the code "MILOJEVIC10".

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