PiQo4 for Removal of Unwanted Tattoos

PiQo4 for Removal of Unwanted Tattoos

Clients have so far been forced to go as far as the United States or Dubai to get rid of unwanted tattoos. This is the latest and currently the best technology in the world, which is now available in Zagreb as well. Unwanted tattoos, as well as dark spots, are something that can create a sense of frustration, discontent, and even shame and for a long time, there have been devices on the market that more or less successfully remove them. However, when the device is equipped only with Q-Switched and Nd: YAG technology, it is not possible to remove tattoos so efficiently and quickly. Older generation Q-Switched lasers use nanoseconds, while PiQo4 uses both nano and picoseconds. Dr. Milojević vividly explained it as follows, "We can imagine nanoseconds as a large metal ball that crushes rocks into smaller pebbles, and picoseconds as a very precise tool that then turns those pebbles into dust."

With four wavelengths (1064 nm, 532 nm, 650 nm, and 585 nm), the PiQo4 system is "sensational for removing tattoos in all colors," said Dr. Goldberg, a prominent dermatologist with practices in New York and New Jersey, known for his exceptional techniques with aesthetic light and laser equipment, one of the first dermatologists to use the Lumenis PiQo4 device in the United States.

Providing triple peak power of older lasers, PiQo4 allows doctors to work with a 15 mm spot size compared to the 2 to 4 mm size, significantly speeding up the treatment time. An average tattoo can be treated in 30 seconds or less. Furthermore, the wavelengths of 1064 nm and picosecond laser pulses are safe and effective for olive or darker skin types, whereas other systems are limited to lighter skin types.

The four wavelengths ensure a greater capability of combining different types and depths of pigmentation with the appropriate wavelength.

With PiQo4, the clients will appreciate the faster treatment results with shorter treatment sessions. PiQo4 offers up to 15 spot sizes, ranging from 2mm to 15mm, the largest uniform spot size in today’s aesthetics industry.

PiQo4’s larger spot sizes allow deeper maintenance of penetration into the dermis and better dispersal of the pigment or embedded ink particles. Studies have demonstrated that treatment with a large spot size at low fluences significantly decreases any occurrence of blistering, discoloration, or scarring on the skin’s surface since the energy is being spread over a wider area. Since each pigment color absorbs a specific wavelength, PiQo4 offers 4 wavelengths in order to treat the broadest range of pigment/tattoo colors, on the widest range of skin types. Its four wavelengths - 1064nm, 532nm, 650nm, and 585nm - target 9 of the most frequently used tattoo colors ranging from light orange to dark black, meaning black, blue, red, purple, green, and yellow.

Treatments are only a few minutes long, even for relatively large tattoos, and the pain sensation, with the use of local anesthesia such as a cream, or local anesthesia applied right before the treatment, is minimized. Depending on the size of the tattoo and the intensity of the pigment, several sessions are usually needed for complete tattoo removal.

Another advantage of PiQo4 technology is that it can remove even amateur tattoos, which was not possible with previous technologies.

PiQo4 za uklanjanje neželjenih tetovaža, sl. 1 - prijeBefore
PiQo4 za uklanjanje neželjenih tetovaža, sl. 1 - poslijeAfter
PiQo4 za uklanjanje neželjenih tetovaža, sl. 2 - prijeBefore
PiQo4 za uklanjanje neželjenih tetovaža, sl. 2 - poslijeAfter

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