Polynucleotides as the Latest Solution for Promoting the Natural Regeneration and Rejuvenation of Mature Skin

Lately, we have witnessed a rise in so-called skin boosters, injectable treatments that provide impressive skincare effects much faster than cosmetic products. These treatments are administered by injection, delivering hyaluronic acid along with vitamins and minerals directly under the skin, achieving visible results faster.

When it comes to skin boosters, one manufacturer stands out for its quality. Mastelli, a company whose products are based on patented polynucleotides and fall into the category of biostimulators, has patented polynucleotides (PN-HPT®) that have a long-term and pronounced hydrating effect, contributing to restoring volume to the skin and enhancing its structure. This is why Mastelli treatments can stimulate accelerated natural self-renewal.

Plinest utilizes patented polynucleotides PN-HPT®, providing a long-term and pronounced hydrating effect that contributes to restoring volume to the skin and enhancing its structure. They promote cell regeneration, naturally stimulate collagen production, increase the number of new fibroblasts (connective tissue), and have trophic and stimulating effects on existing fibroblasts.

Newest, much like Plinest, uses patented polynucleotides PN-HPT® but also includes hyaluronic acid, which further increases skin hydration, while mannitol prolongs its effects. Their synergy increases the number of active fibroblasts and collagen production. Additionally, it is important to emphasize that the product is of natural origin.

Mature and dehydrated skin requires special treatments, and the best ones are those based on natural ingredients. Newest is the latest solution for stimulating natural regeneration and rejuvenating parts of the face and neck. With Mastelli polynucleotides (PN HPT™), hyaluronic acid, and mannitol are responsible for stimulating the natural production of collagen and strengthening the skin's structure. The combination of ingredients is crucial for promoting natural collagen production and enhancing the skin's structure.

The latest solution for promoting natural regeneration and rejuvenation of mature skin, Newest, is injected under the skin's surface into the dermis. The immediate effect is visible in the form of improved hydration, fullness, and skin texture. A complete treatment involves three applications in selected areas at agreed intervals, and it is recommended to repeat the cycle twice a year.

Mastelli polynucleotides (PN HPT™) have a long-term and pronounced hydrating effect, contributing to restoring volume to the skin and promoting the natural production of collagen. After applying the Newest treatment to mature skin, immediate results are visible, such as increased hydration, fullness, and improved skin texture. The application of polynucleotides (PN HPT™) complements well with other aesthetic procedures.

Newest - a combination of patented polynucleotides, hyaluronic acid, and mannitol, as the latest solution for natural-based rejuvenation and skin regeneration, is now available at Polyclinic Milojević. It is the right choice for visibly wrinkled skin that we want to make youthfully plump and radiant again or alleviate unpleasant scars, such as those caused by acne.

Mastelli polynucleotides (PN-HPT®) stimulate cellular regeneration and the natural production of collagen. Hyaluronic acid further increases skin hydration, while mannitol extends the action of hyaluronic acid, leaving the skin looking instantly fresher.

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