SKINPEN - scalp microneedling

SKINPEN - scalp microneedling

Facial microneedling and its benefits are well understood and established. What is less known is that rejuvenating abilities of microneedling extend to the scalp as well. Nowadays, scalp microneedling is an increasingly sought-after treatment to promote scalp health and stimulate hair growth, especially for those suffering from androgenic alopecia which affects men and women alike.

SkinPen causes micro-injuries to the skin in the scalp area, which stimulates the regeneration of follicles. It stimulates the growth and development of collagen and growth factors in the hair follicle, which leads to hair growth and is proven to stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss, and also thickens thinning hair.

If possible (in cases when the hair is not long), a local anesthetic is applied to the scalp 30 minutes before the treatment itself. The scalp is disinfected by dividing the hair into thinner sections with a comb and spraying the entire scalp with disinfectant. Then, SkinPen microneedling is performed in sections with strokes from top to bottom so the hair does not get tangled.

For optimal results, it is recommended to undergo 4 treatments, performed one month apart.

The hair should be washed the day before the treatment and it should not be washed for 24 hours after the treatment.

Several studies focused on scalp procedures that promote hair regeneration and highlight the potential of combining light therapy with microneedling and/or PRP to optimize results and patient satisfaction have appeared.

Microneedling and Cellum LED light therapy can be combined in the same treatment session to improve the health of the skin and scalp and stimulate hair growth.

Adding a LED treatment after a microneedling treatment complements and enhances the overall experience and results for patients with compromised skin and scalp conditions.

After a Skinpen treatment, it is recommended to take care of the hair with Flora preparations that stimulate hair growth.

Scalp Balance serum (it can be used in combination with other serums) - rebalances the entire scalp microbiota. It is not to be used on sensitive scalps.

Anti-Aging serum (it nourishes the scalp, stimulates collagen, and prevents the reduction in the number of follicles and the weakening and loss of hair - the fastest and best result for hair growth) - it is used alone or in combination with Scalp Balance.

Densite (for hair thickness and growth, reactivates follicle stem cells and fibroblasts for hair growth, and collagen synthesis and improves follicle length - contains biomimetic peptide, biotin, cysteine, etc.) - it can be combined with Scalp Balance.

Daily Detox sensitive scrub (lactic acid, beta-glucan, sea salt, etc.)

Intensive Detox scalp mask (salicylic acid, zinc, amino acids, beta-glucan, vitamin C, activated charcoal, white clay)

It is recommended to use other Flora products for hair care as well.

*All serums are used for 3-4 months or longer with treatments.

* Scalp Balance can be used in combination with Anti-Aging or Densite. Later use only Anti-Aging, then Densite on its own, or vice versa.

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