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Dr Nikola Milojević u engleskom magazinu Tatler: 'An eye for beauty' 21. studenog, 2016.

If your peepers are encumbered by bags and dulled by dark circles, you need to pay a visit to the Milo Clinic.

Dr Nick Milojevic can spruce up your eyes and perfect you appearance - a new you is in sight.Nowadays we all want more for less. This is particulary true when it comes to to cosmetic surgery. We'd like to look younger, smoother, firmer, brighter - but we don't fancy ghastly operations and weeks of recovery time. Sound familiar? Dr Nick Milojevic, then, will be your cup of tea. He is one of the many doctors championing a new, non-invasive approach to cosmetic enhancement. And the results are fantastic. With over 12 years' experience in the industry, Dr Milojevic has been at the helm of his own practice, the Milo Clinic, since 2006. It is here that he administers his special brand of skin-revitalising, silhouette-tapering therapies.

His signature techniques and pioneering spirit have earned Dr Milojevic an iron-clad reputation - everyone wants a bit of his age-defying magic dust. Clients flock to him for treatments and the media clamours for quotes on new developments. He aims to 'make patients look as young as they feel inside'. We like the sound of that...


If your eyes are the window to your soul, you want them as bright and sparkling as can be. Not clouded by dark circles or marred by crepey bags. No siree! Under-eye bags can make you look permanently exhausted. Thankfully, non-surgical eye-bag removal is a speciality of Dr Milojevic - thousands have been performed at the Milo Clinic to date. It is used to treat lower eye bags, dark circles, loss of volume and skin laxity. So how does it work? Dermal filler is injected into the depression (or tear trough) in the area extending out from the nose and around the eye. The filler is administered in small amounts through multiple injections and massaged gently into place. This tehnique allows the filler to build up gradually creating a scaffolding-like support system for the skin and ironing out any unsightly lumps or bumps. The procedure takes just 15 minutes to complete and the results - which are instantly visible - last up to 18 months. You may experience slight swelling after the treatment but this resolves itself in just a few days. There is no surgical scarring to contend with and no need to take any time off work (sorry). This treatment is as swift and easy as it is effective. Time to wink and flutter your eyelashes with abandon.


There's no point taking wonderful care of your face and ignoring the delicate skin on your neck and the back of your hands. These are the body parts that can wind up betraying your age. Restylane Vital Skinboosters are used to rejuvenate the skin - hydrating the dermis from within. Small amounts of restylane are injected deep into the skin where they increase elasticity and boost collagen production. The result is a pearly, radiant complexion. This is the holy grail of skincare.


Want lips that are more luscious and sensual? But keen to shy away from lips that look vulgary overdone? It can be a balancing act and Dr Milojevic gets it just right, using Restylane Lyps. The clear, gel-like formula of hyaluronic acid which is inserted just under the surface of the lips, improves texture and makes your mouth appear full and plump - but not overly volumised. Results are utterly kissable.


Nefertiti was an Egyptian Queen famed for her incredible beauty and, in particular, her swan like profile. The nefertiti neck lift uses a combination of dermal fillers and Botox to emulate this elegant silhouette. Sagging skin around the jowls and neck is tightened to create a firmer and more streamlined facial line. Not only is there a lifting effect, the fillers also serve to restore volume to hollow cheeks. Because it's non-surgical, this is a quick and painless way to keep the signs of ageing at bay.


Named after the V-shape of the face (running from the tip of the chin to the lateral part of the eyes), this treatment seeks to restore skin elasticity and bounce lost over time. Botox and dermal fillers are used to erase lines and plump up sagging areas. A more youthful you, in an instant.


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