Acnelan treatment (acne)

Acne and Acnelan treatment

Acne (lat. Acne vulgaris) is nowadays one of the most common skin diseases in adolescents and it can have a significant impact on a person’s psyche, and quality of life, regardless of the gravity of the disease. Around 85% of teenagers suffer from some form of acne. Even though it mostly occurs in young people, 12% of women and 3% of men suffer from acne until their mid-40s.

Acne occurs due to obstruction and inflammation or clogging of the pilosebaceous unit (hair follicle and sebaceous gland). It develops because of different etiological factors: 1. follicular epidermal hyperproliferation; 2. an overproduction of sebum; 3. due to Cutibacterium acnes bacteria (it used to be Propionibacterium acnes); and 4. due to inflammation. Also, genetics plays a significant role in the pathophysiology of acne, and, to a lesser extent, different conditions, such as polycystic ovary syndrome. It is also caused by one’s diet and lifestyle.

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Clinical picture:

Acne vulgaris is characterized by non-inflammatory, open or closed comedones and inflammatory papules, pustules, and nodules. It most commonly appears on body parts that are full of follicles, such as the face, décolleté, back, and upper arms.

Acne treatment depends on the clinical picture, that is, the gravity of the condition, and it is focused on etiological factors. The treatment can be pharmacological local and systematic, as well as non-pharmacological which includes different low-carb diets. Also, different esthetic procedures can be performed.

Local therapy includes different antiseptics (benzoyl peroxide) and antibiotics (clindamycin, erythromycin), as well as retinoids and various acids (azelaic, lactic, salicylic). It can be conducted on its own or as a complement to systemic therapy which may include antibiotics and isotretinoin (a vitamin-A derivate), which are intended for the treatment of semi-serious and serious forms of acne.

Non-pharmacological therapy includes a change of diet, which can include avoiding refined carbohydrates and taking different supplements, such as zinc, due to its anti-inflammatory effect.

Different esthetic procedures can be performed as a complement to acne and scar treatments.

The most effective esthetic treatments are chemical peels and micro-needling (Dermaroller) in combination with vitamin C and thrombocyte-rich plasma.

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Akne i Acnelan tretman, poslije 2After

In Milojević Polyclinic it is possible to undergo an Acnelan treatment by Mesoestetic which has the most wholesome, effective, and rapid effect on acne and its consequences.

Acnelan contains the protected formula m.acne complex®, a unique combination of active ingredients that fight different triggering factors of the signs of acne. M.acne complex® contains salicylic acid (it has keratolytic and comedolytic properties, opens and purifies pores, has anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic properties, synergistically increases the penetration of other active agents), sodium lepargilate (5-α reductase inhibition, it has bacteriostatic and keratolytic properties), mandelic acid (anti-septic and bacteriostatic properties, depigmentation), and shikimic acid (it inhibits sebaceous secretion, has anti-inflammatory properties, inhibits bacterial proliferation).

The Acnelan treatment is performed by a dermatologist in 3 treatment sessions at 14 to 21-day intervals.

After the treatment, a soothing mask is applied to minimize the redness. After 2-3 days, the skin-peeling process begins which can last for a few days. It is necessary to apply epithelialization cream daily directly after the treatment and during the peeling of the skin and avoid sun exposure, as well as protect the skin with sunscreen.

After and between the treatments it is recommended to use Acnelan mousse with urea and chlorhexidine for removing impurities, and Acne one cream that contains m.acne complex, bexaretinyl complex (retinoid chemical exfoliant), and Serenoa repens which inhibits 5-α reductase. Besides daily care, it is also recommended to apply a mask with kaolin and m.acne complex that absorbs the excess sebum on a weekly basis.

The contraindications are the same as for other kinds of peels: pregnancy and lactating, hypersensitivity to acetylsalicylic acid or some other peel’s ingredient, treatment with isotretinoin in the last 6 months (at least), radiotherapy or some dermatological procedure on the face, an active bacterial or viral infection on the face, and active autoimmune disease.

A dermatologist must be informed about frequent herpes simplex infections on the face and in that case, prophylactic antiviral therapy is conducted.

Precautionary measures

Before the treatment:

  • 3 weeks before the treatment do not undergo any other professional peels (dermabrasion, micro-dermabrasion, ultrasound peels, etc.).
  • Five days before the treatment it is not recommended to use any kind of abrasive or irritating substances; dying, bleaching, depilation, or shaving of the treatment area is not recommended. Men should avoid shaving for at least 24 hours.
  • Avoid the use of tanning beds and prolonged exposure to the sun. Wait for at least one week after the treatment to get a tattoo or hyaluronic fillers.

After the treatment, the following must be avoided:

  • direct exposure to sunlight and artificial light, direct heat, saunas, and swimming pools for up to 48 hours.
  • depilation, epilation, and laser treatments for at least 15 days.

Arrange an appointment

The best way for you to get reliable and useful information about our treatments is to arrange an appointment and come for a consultation. Our expert staff will show you around the Polyclinic and answer all your questions about the procedures and machines. During the conversation, the doctor will listen to your needs and expectations, and accordingly, advise you on appropriate treatments from our wide range. You can also plan the treatments, arrange the price of the service or a package of services, and get informed about the means of payment. Some of our treatments are very short and it is possible to perform them even during the consultation. We guarantee the highest standard of services, the best preparations, and machines that give the best results.

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