The revolutionary Morpheus8 device is now available at the Milojević Polyclinic

Remodel your face and shape your body in a minimally invasive way with maximum effect

The Milojević Polyclinic, as always, keeps up with trends but is also one step ahead of them. We are proud to present to you the newest "member" of our team - Morpheus8.

Morpheus comes from the Greek word morphế, which means "shape", and it was named after the Greek god Morpheus. Due to its ability to "change shapes", it inspired scientists in the field of esthetic medicine to create a device that uses the latest and greatest technology that combines micro-needling and radiofrequency.

Morpheus8 is the newest and unique device in the world that delivers multi-polar radiofrequency energy to multiple layers of skin and subcutaneous fat tissue. The technology used is called SARD (Subdermal Adipose Remodeling Device), and it allows us to remodel the face and shape the body in a minimally invasive way with maximum effect. Both the face and body can be treated extremely successfully with this revolutionary device, and the treatments are adapted to all skin types since they do not cause thermal damage to the dermis, thus significantly reducing the risk of procedural hyperpigmentation, which is a common side effect of some skin renewal techniques.

It comes with several types of extensions and needle lengths, so each treatment can be adapted to an individual patient, who will thus receive a completely personalized approach.

The Morpheus8 FACE applicator consists of microneedles that penetrate to a depth of 4 mm and is used for the entire face and neck - to treat wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin, remove acne scars, and improve the overall skin tone.

Morpheus8 zatezanje kože - before sl.1Before
Morpheus8 zatezanje kože - after sl.1After
Morpheus8 zatezanje kože - before sl.2Before
Morpheus8 zatezanje kože - after sl.2After

Even though different parts of the body, as well as the whole face, can be treated with Morpheus, fantastic results are achieved in the neck area and in the reduction of a double chin. Stimulation of intensive collagen production is achieved by 1 and 2-mm long needles, and they are used to improve skin quality, remove wrinkles and shrink pores. 3 and 4-mm long needles also work to strongly stimulate collagen but also tighten the face, while needles with a length of 4 mm can work on reshaping fat and are used for reducing the double chin.

When it comes to the face, in addition to great results when it comes to tightening the skin and improving its quality by shrinking pores, Morpheus is also great for treating scars - both surgical and acne scars, and removing dark circles under the eyes.

The Morphesu8 BODY applicator for body shaping allows the needles to penetrate up to 8 mm into the skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue and is also used as a device for remodeling fatty tissue and for getting rid of cellulite, in addition to rejuvenating and tightening the skin of the body. Morpheus also successfully eliminates the problem of wrinkled stomach skin, which is a problem for many women after pregnancy. This is also a unique treatment for getting rid of stretch marks that really bother a large number of women, but also men. Each of the applicators has additional tips with different configurations of microneedles which deliver clinically proven RF energy at multiple treatment depths (0.5 mm - 8 mm). Since it has the ability to target tissue sequentially at three levels at millisecond intervals, Morpheus8 enables a significant reduction in treatment time, minimizes skin injury, and increases treatment uniformity.

As with all other rejuvenation treatments, most patients are interested in whether the treatment is painful, when the first results can be seen, and how long they will last.

The treatment is significantly less painful than expected. Even extremely sensitive patients undergo it with only local anesthesia and tissue cooling, even in cases of strong frequencies and serious depths. It is important to emphasize that this treatment, despite its extraordinary effectiveness, has a very short recovery period. The redness of the skin that occurs as a result of the treatment disappears very quickly, the skin may be slightly dry, and small dots may be visible for a few days. There are really no other, more serious side effects, and the person can function completely normally and continue with their activities the same evening after the treatment. However, patients are recommended to avoid the sun for a week before the treatment and for a week after it and to apply sunscreen with a high SPF.

This treatment can also be performed at this time of the year, that is, before summer. However, patients who cannot resist sunbathing should opt for autumn appointments.

Talking about the results, they are truly sensational. Since it takes about a month to create new collagen, it is possible to see the first results during this period, and the great effect of these treatments will be best visible in the period of 3 to 6 months. As far as the durability of the results is concerned, Morpheus is also unique in this regard since its effect can last from 3 to 5 years.

Morpheus8 zatezanje kože - before sl.3Before
Morpheus8 zatezanje kože - after sl.3After
Morpheus8 zatezanje kože - before sl.4Before
Morpheus8 zatezanje kože - after sl.4After

Morpheus8 is a dream come true for all the men and women who want to achieve a youthful appearance, a slim and toned body, and in general - the best version of themselves, but without going to the operating room, and it is currently the ultimate hit in the world. It is not surprising that its effectiveness, fascinating results, durability, and short downtime have made it a favorite treatment of many Hollywood stars who owe their flawless look to it.

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