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Tatler magazine: Dr Nick Milojevic - 'King of the fill'!
Tatler magazine: Dr Nick Milojevic - 'King of the fill'! 28. veljače, 2019.

A specialist in Botox and non-surgical treatments, Dr Nick Milojevic will vanquish wrinkles and lines

Is there any practitioner who states his intent more clearly than Harley Street's Dr Nick Milojevic? "My job is my great passion," decalres the specialist known as the Botox King.

"At the Milo Clinic, our aim is to halt the ageing process and turn the clock back, to make our patients look as young as they feel inside."

That instinct is bult into Dr Milojevic's very DNA - his father, Professor Bosko Milojevic, was one of the European pioneers of modern plastic surgery in Croatia. This heritage was honoured in the establishment of Polyclinic Milojevic, the first clinic in his nation to specialise purely in aesthetic medicine. Dr. Milojevic is owner and clinical director there, as well as the owner of London's Milo Clinic.

Look as young as you feel

Applying a holistic approach to every individual patient, Dr Milojevic has spearheaded the development in thinking from "give me everything you've got" to the nuance of "less is definitely more". After 14 years of experience in non-surgical procedures, he stands at the forefront of aesthetic medicine as top doctor for Botox and filler expertise.

It was this pre-eminence wich prompted the British College of Aesthetic Medicine and Polyclinic Milojevic to organise the Aesthetic Congress in October 2018. Attended by such fellow industry luminaries as Rita Rakus and Dr Tapan Patel, the three-day assembly in Dubrovnik was a comprehensive yet concrise aesthetic with a fresh focus on this exciting, growing modern enterprise.

Dr Milojevic's clients have long been beneficiaries of his skills with the needle. He is lauded for his advanced technique in non-surgical eye bag removal, also knownas the tear-trough filler treatment - a procedure with a real wow factor as it is quick, easy and the results are instantaneous. In 95 per cent of patients, a judicious application of hyaluronic acid fillers sees eye bags and dark circles magically disappear.

Subtle and sensual

Nose reshaping procedures can take a little as five minutes, with no pain or side effects, and great results which last between 12 and 18 months. Lip enhancement is one of the mostdifficult procedures in aestetic medicine, but Dr Milojevic has developed the most effective techniques for subtle, natural and sensual lips.

Other treatments can boost not only the face but the decolletage and the hands. Restylane Vital Skinboosters moisturise from within to provide long-lasting hydration, plumiping the skin and giving an ever-youthful glow.

Dr Milojevic's pledge-'to halt the ageing process and turn the clock back, to make our patients look as young as they feel inside'-is no idle marketing slogan. He can tighten your jawline, lift and tip pf your nose, improve a 'gummy' smile and relive the effects of teeth grinding. His word is his bond.

Tatler magazine: Dr Nick Milojevic - 'King of the fill'!


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